About YogaWaterMat

The new Yoga WaterMat® is ideally suited for both the individual seeking Zen at the lake or for a group class practicing at a resort or hotel pool.

Beyond yoga on the water, it also serves as a terrific enhancement to any aquatic fitness program and changes the game for physical therapists.

Like every genuine WaterMat product, the Yoga WaterMat provides a safe, no hassle experience on the water: It will not pop, deflate or disappoint. At 84″ long by 36″ wide and 3.25″ thick (picture, if you will, the size of a standard door), the Yoga WaterMat is weight-rated up to 175 lbs. Multiple units are easily stacked and stored. Weighing just 14 pounds, the Yoga WaterMat comes with a carrying handle, an anchoring line and a micro fiber towel.

This is not just a product, but also an experience. Yogis also receive access to 30-minute instructional videos suited for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of expertise.

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