Strengthening your core and releasing back-pain with Yoga-Water®

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October 27, 2017
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November 9, 2017
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Strengthening your core and releasing back-pain with Yoga-Water®

Practicing stand up paddle board (SUP) is a very good exercise to strengthen your core and upper back. The constant balancing movement on the board strengthens profound muscles in your legs and hips. The action of paddling strengthens your abdominals, shoulders and back muscles. When you get stronger in those areas of your body you feel less pressure and pain in your lower back and spine which supports healing and wellbeing.

After some SUP activity, we setup the boards in a safe area to practice asanas – yoga postures.

The practice is adapted to the level and experience in yoga of the participants as well as their physical condition. When someone is coming with some back pain the Yoga-Water® certified teachers will focus on a series that will strengthen the core, abdominal muscles, and release tensions in the back.

This series will include movements to release tightness along the spine with only gentle backbends, forward bends, and light twists.

Some postures laying on your back, feeling the ocean moving below you to release pressure. Bending your knees and lifting up your hips while keeping a healthy balance with the floating sensation. A strengthening effect occurs in your legs, buttocks, belly, while releasing pressure along the spine and opening the chest and shoulders.

The natural environment surrounding you adds a sense of peace within and all around.

While laying on your back and doing a gentle twist, the movement of the water supports the spinal twist, relieving tightness. The breath and subtle waves support also the relief of emotions that may have been causing resistance in your muscle memory.

A moving meditation offering therapeutic properties.

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Christelle Chopard was born in one of the most beautiful country in the world: Switzerland. Even that it is a privilege for her to be native from such a wonderful, harmonious, conscious place, she has been inspired to travel the world and explore many different cultures. Ms Chopard began to study and work professionally in holistic consulting, therapies, and self development in 1991. Since then, she explored many ways, and forms to support the wellbeing and evolution, in different cultures. She founded the DHARMI® Map & Institute for Holistic Development which is a synthesis of those approaches into a simple, yet profound and integrative program. At this time, Christelle Chopard is based in Miami, Florida. She offers her services online with people worldwide, in person with people who are located in Florida and travels regularly to lead seminars in Switzerland, Colombia, USA, and in the location of your choice. She practices outdoor sports regularly: skiing, swimming, paddleboarding, yoga, and her main hobby: kitesurfing. She began to practice yoga on stand up paddle board (sup) in 2009. The connection between yoga and the elements of nature gives me the chance to apply the philosophy, practices and teachings in a holistic way. She leads seminars and specific trainings for yoga on sup, on yoga watermat®, as well as teacher training for DHARMI-Yoga® She is the author of three books about the Map for holistic development, manuals for yoga on sup, and yoga watermat. She also produced instructional videos.

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