Megan Kelley

I completed the SUP/Yoga Water Mat certification with Christelle of Yoga-Water/Dharmi Yoga in July of 2016. Christelle is an excellent teacher with an authentic desire and skill for educating her students about the benefits of a yoga practice on the water. She has a wealth of knowledge to share with students of all skill levels, enabling them to relax and enjoy the serenity of yoga on the water. During your practice, you will learn that when we are able to connect more deeply with the elements, we are able to connect more intimately with ourselves. The tranquility gained from a yoga practice on the water provides a joyous sense of well-being for all students, and I cannot recommend this experience enough.

Cristina Caballero

I completed my training under guidance of Christelle Chopard. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about SUP and water mat yoga with Christelle, who lives the simple yet powerful yogic values and has dedicated her life to sharing its benefits. Deeply understanding the enormity of compassion, simplicity, dedication to higher values and practice is a gift that will always stay with me. Christelle has the ability to teach and inspire each person the way they need and help them find 'their yoga'. Always remember your own yoga practice, it's not a competition.One of the benefits that I see from SUP yoga practice is increased attention and concentration. SUP yoga makes you more mindful of your movement. It forces you to move with control and focus. The more points of contact you have with your board the easier it will be to balance. Postures that you’ve never considered difficult may feel challenging on the water.You will find that SUP yoga strengthens you in a way that is different than land yoga. On the water you will work muscles you didn’t know you had. Your core will also be engaged throughout the entire practice to keep you balanced and stable.Being outside is the best of it all. While practicing SUP yoga it’s splendid to soak up the beauty around you, connecting with nature. Breathing in fresh air, and soaking up sunshine. Nothing compares to the enjoyment of being out on the water.

Ivana Dobrikovic

Beautiful and inspiring SUP yoga water training. I highly recommend this course and Christelle if you’re interested into getting to know, learn and be inspired with Yoga on the water