Welcome to surf the waves – in the ocean and life.

Yoga-Water is a project founded by Christelle Chopard, E-RYT500, founder of the DHARMI® – A clear methodology for holistic healing and self-development, and Yoga School RYS-500.
The intention is to bring awareness with the environment within and around us, to support the wellbeing within and around.
Practice of Yoga on or near the Water supports healing, strengthens mind and body, builds up confidence. It’s constant flow leads us to be flexible while channeling the energy with clarity; respecting nature within and around.
The movement challenges the skills of balance and focus of the mind.
Yoga on SUP (Stand up paddleboard) is a practice that combines core training with sup with a harmonious experience in nature. It can be practiced in the ocean, on a lake, in a cove, as long as the space is safe and adapted for a yoga practice.
Yoga on Yoga Watermat® is a practice that is done at indoor or outdoor pools. The Watermats are setup in the pool in a similar way yoga mats would be set in a studio_ yet they float. The gentle movement of the water supports healing and relaxation, also it adds challenge in the balancing postures, builds core strength, and requires high level of mind-focus.
Yoga at the beach is a beautiful, harmonious way to practice in a natural environment.
As a dedicated kitesurfer, Christelle Chopard created a series of asanas to practice prior and another series to practice after a kitesurfing sessions. She took in consideration the main muscles and movements that are challenged in that adventurous activity to develop series that will bring mindfulness in the breath, clarify the mind, warm up, strengthen and stretch appropriately for a better performance.
Christelle Chopard leads Specific Trainings of Yoga on Yoga Watermat® and Yoga on SUP providing CEU accredited by Yoga Alliance.
Her team of trainee, yoga teachers, lead classes around Miami, as well as in the Keys, in NYC, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland.


I was born in one of the most beautiful country in the world: Switzerland. Even that it is a privilege for me to be native from such a wonderful, harmonious, conscious place, I have been inspired to travel the world and explore many different cultures.

I began to study and work professionally in holistic consulting, healing, and self development in 1991. Since then, I explored many ways, and forms to support the wellbeing and evolution, in different cultures. I founded the Dharmi Map & Institute which is a synthesis of those approaches into a simple, yet profound and integrative program.

After offering mainly in Miami, FL for 14 years. I am nomad again.

I offer my services online with people worldwide, in person with people who are located in Florida and  travel regularly to lead seminars in Switzerland, Colombia, USA, and in the location of your choice.

I practice outdoor sports regularly: skiing, swimming, paddleboarding, yoga, and my main hobby: kitesurfing. I began to practice yoga on stand up paddle board (sup) in 2009.

The connection between yoga and the elements of nature gives me the chance to apply the philosophy, practices and teachings in a holistic way.


Christelle Chopard”

I invite you to explore how we can practice yoga in direct connection with Water. Also, I offer holistic self development programs in person and online.

Follow your heart, it knows the way!

For more info, call me at:  +1-786-529-5588


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