Teacher Training on Yoga Watermat

Expanding opportunities for Yoga on the Water with the Yoga WaterMat.

The specific training is exclusively for Registered Yoga Teachers, with a minimum of E-RYT200. Also, they have to know how to swim. It is a 3-day seminar that provides you with 18 CEU Hours accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

14-16 September 2018 in Miami, Florida

Yoga-Water:  SUP-Yoga, Yoga-WaterMat, WaterCeremonySpecific Training Yoga on SUP and YWM Tampa



To schedule a Specific Training for yourself or the yoga teachers at your hotel, resorts, or club:

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Why practicing on the water?

Personally, I began to practice yoga on Stand Up paddleboard mainly because of the peaceful natural environment, and the beautiful connection with the elements of nature.

Practicing on the Yoga WaterMat brings me in a state of peace with the floating sensation. My attention, core strength, and balance are challenged in another degree, when on the mat. I feel a profound sense of surrender and letting go, by the fact that I am floating on the water. It is an invitation to detach from some basic points of reference, with harmony.

Practicing on the Yoga WaterMat® is a very unique and challenging experience. Some fundamental and intentional preparation is essential to achieve a rich, harmonious and rewarding outcome.

Combining the mind’s focus with the emotional flow triggered by the water unleash the “inner child” within us all!

A mindful practice on the Yoga Watermat supports the alignment between the cerebral and enteric nervous system.