The practice on Yoga WaterMat provides healing benefits with the floating sensation on the water.

Though the experience you connect with the natural fundamental element and improve: balance, wellbeing, strength and mindfulness.

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It has been a blessing to support the innovators of this product. I could use my expertise in yoga, as well as the 6 years of experience on the water, with stand up paddleboard. I produced three videos, of 30minutes each, to give a clear guidance to the people who buy the Yoga WaterMat. I created a series for beginners, one for intermediate and a third one to inspire an advance level of yoga practice on the water.

Personally, I offer classes in Miami; and in other locations for retreats and trainings. You can find more information about the Yoga Watermat:

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If you are you registered yoga teacher (RYT), the manual and video will give you indications on how you can adapt the practice, with some variations, for a harmonious class on the watermat.

If you are not an RYT, I would suggest that you practice with a certified yoga teacher, who can support you in finding the proper alignments to receive fully the benefits of this practice.

“When Bob and Jay, the owners of the WaterMat® Company, first contacted me, I had an immediate interest in supporting their innovative product, the Yoga WaterMat®.


Practicing yoga on a floating surface requires the highest level of concentration, balance, core strength, and mindfulness in each asana (pose). The recent popularity of paddleboards presented a natural opportunity for yogis to take their practice to a different level, but those opportunities were somewhat limited by weather outside and convenience inside.

Over the years, many people in my homeland (Switzerland) have asked me to teach Stand Up Paddleboard yoga on the lakes, but unfortunately, the warm and sunny days over there are limited as compared to here in Florida.

Here in Miami, I continued to receive requests from hotels and resorts to offer Yoga on SUP in their pools but, given the size of Paddleboards, it is not very convenient.

Imagine my excitement when I tested the new Yoga WaterMat® for the first time! Very light and buoyant enough to support 170 pounds, it is the perfect option to practice yoga in any large pool, whether at a resort, hotel, or at your own residence. For people who are heavier than that weight limit, we noticed that you can place, and attach 2 watermat above each others. This will provide more buoyancy.

If you have a boat and have longed to practice yoga at your favorite remote sandbar or peaceful cove, the Yoga WaterMat® opens new possibilities.

Christelle Chopard