Healing the Inner Child with Yoga-Water Practice

With the busy life we live in, with the responsibilities and obligations we have to respond to. We may disconnect from our emotional needs and sensibility.

When we are in connection to the Water, this element brings healing and nurturing. It invites us to reconnect with our emotions. It leads us to release attachments, to liberate stocked energies or toxins.

The practice of yoga on the water has a certain playfulness to it. Yet, the fact that we still have to be attentive and balanced through the experience create an interconnectedness in between the voice of the adult and the voice of the inner child.

When those two voices rekindle it gives us a sense of harmony and happiness. In scientific terms we can speak about the connection in between the nervous system and the enteric nervous system. When we reconnect, we listen to our intuition. We are more aligned with the intelligence memory and perceptive in our relationships.

When practicing virabhadrasana I (warrior I asana) on SUP, you will ground your feet well in a proper alignment on the board to find balance. The floating sensation below your feet requires a stronger engagement to your mula bandha than if practicing on land.

Just the fact to connect deeply to the forces within us triggers emotions like fear, frustration, spark of joy, … To keep balance we have then to channel those emotions with intention and clear direction.

A practice of yoga-water with intention supports the channeling of energies moving through the experience. It gives you a higher purpose to move towards, while staying deeply connected to earth.

May the journey be insightful and playful,

Christelle Chopard

Christelle Chopard was born in one of the most beautiful country in the world: Switzerland. Even that it is a privilege for her to be native from such a wonderful, harmonious, conscious place, she has been inspired to travel the world and explore many different cultures. Ms Chopard began to study and work professionally in holistic consulting, therapies, and self development in 1991. Since then, she explored many ways, and forms to support the wellbeing and evolution, in different cultures. She founded the DHARMI® Map & Institute for Holistic Development which is a synthesis of those approaches into a simple, yet profound and integrative program. At this time, Christelle Chopard is based in Miami, Florida. She offers her services online with people worldwide, in person with people who are located in Florida and travels regularly to lead seminars in Switzerland, Colombia, USA, and in the location of your choice. She practices outdoor sports regularly: skiing, swimming, paddleboarding, yoga, and her main hobby: kitesurfing. She began to practice yoga on stand up paddle board (sup) in 2009. The connection between yoga and the elements of nature gives me the chance to apply the philosophy, practices and teachings in a holistic way. She leads seminars and specific trainings for yoga on sup, on yoga watermat®, as well as teacher training for DHARMI-Yoga® She is the author of three books about the Map for holistic development, manuals for yoga on sup, and yoga watermat. She also produced instructional videos.

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